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Understanding the Safety of Buscopan (Hyoscine Butyl-N-Bromide) During Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Review

Abstract: The safety of medications during pregnancy is a critical concern for both healthcare providers and expectant mothers. Among the commonly used medications, Buscopan (Hyoscine Butyl-N-Bromide) is often considered for the management of stomach pain and cramps. However, there remains uncertainty surrounding its safety profile during pregnancy. This research aims to provide a comprehensive review of the available literature regarding the use of Buscopan in pregnancy, its potential risks, and the current recommendations for healthcare providers and pregnant individuals.

Introduction: Pregnancy presents unique challenges in managing various health conditions, including stomach pain and cramps. While some medications are considered safe for use during pregnancy, others, such as Buscopan, lack sufficient data to support their safety profile in this population. Understanding the potential risks and benefits of Buscopan use during pregnancy is essential for informed decision-making by healthcare providers and expectant mothers.


Abstract: Buscopan (hyoscine butylbromide) is a widely used medication for the treatment of abdominal cramps and spasms. However, its safety and efficacy during pregnancy remain a topic of concern due to limited research and conflicting evidence. This review aims to evaluate the available literature on the use of Buscopan during pregnancy, focusing on its potential effects on maternal and fetal health.

Pregnant women commonly experience abdominal discomfort and cramping, which may necessitate medical intervention. Buscopan, a smooth muscle relaxant, is often prescribed to alleviate these symptoms. However, the safety of Buscopan use during pregnancy has not been extensively studied, and there is a lack of consensus among healthcare professionals regarding its risks and benefits. This review aims to critically evaluate existing research on the safety and efficacy of Buscopan during pregnancy.

Methods: A comprehensive search of electronic databases, including PubMed, MEDLINE, Embase, and Cochrane Library, was conducted to identify relevant studies published up to [insert date]. Keywords included “Buscopan,” “hyoscine butylbromide,” “pregnancy,” “maternal health,” “fetal health,” and “safety.” Studies reporting on the use of Buscopan during pregnancy, including randomized controlled trials, observational studies, case-control studies, and case reports, were included. Data extraction and synthesis were performed to assess the potential risks and benefits of Buscopan use during pregnancy.

Results: The search yielded a total of [insert number] studies, including [insert number] randomized controlled trials, [insert number] observational studies, and [insert number] case reports. The findings suggest conflicting evidence regarding the safety of Buscopan during pregnancy. While some studies report no adverse effects on maternal or fetal outcomes, others raise concerns about potential risks, such as teratogenicity, preterm labor, and adverse neonatal outcomes. Factors such as dosage, gestational age at exposure, and concomitant medication use may influence the safety profile of Buscopan during pregnancy.

Discussion: The safety and efficacy of Buscopan use during pregnancy remain uncertain due to the limited quality and quantity of available evidence. Conflicting findings from existing studies underscore the need for further research to clarify the risks and benefits of Buscopan in pregnant women. Future studies should employ rigorous study designs, including large-scale prospective cohort studies and randomized controlled trials, to elucidate the potential effects of Buscopan on maternal and fetal health. In the absence of conclusive evidence, healthcare providers should carefully weigh the risks and benefits of Buscopan use in pregnant women and consider alternative treatment options when appropriate.

Conclusion: The current evidence on the safety and efficacy of Buscopan during pregnancy is inconclusive, highlighting the need for further research in this area. Healthcare providers should exercise caution when prescribing Buscopan to pregnant women and consider individual patient factors when making treatment decisions. Additional studies are warranted to elucidate the potential risks and benefits of Buscopan use during pregnancy and to inform evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.

Keywords: Buscopan, hyoscine butylbromide, pregnancy, maternal health, fetal health, safety, teratogenicity, preterm labor.


  1. Safety Considerations: Limited data are available on the safety of Buscopan specifically during pregnancy. While animal studies have not shown significant adverse effects on fetal development, human studies are lacking. As a result, healthcare providers often exercise caution when considering the use of Buscopan in pregnant individuals, weighing the potential risks against the expected benefits.
  2. Potential Risks: The lack of comprehensive studies assessing Buscopan’s safety during pregnancy raises concerns about potential risks to both the pregnant individual and the developing fetus. While Buscopan may not be known to cause direct harm, uncertainties surrounding its use highlight the need for further research and cautious prescribing practices.
  3. Current Recommendations: Healthcare providers typically advise against the use of Buscopan during pregnancy unless deemed necessary. Pregnant individuals experiencing stomach pain or cramps are encouraged to consult their healthcare provider for personalized recommendations. Alternative treatment options, such as antacids or dietary modifications, may be considered as safer alternatives to alleviate symptoms during pregnancy.
  4. Conclusion: In conclusion, the safety of Buscopan during pregnancy remains uncertain due to limited data. While animal studies suggest minimal risks, human studies are lacking, warranting caution in its use during pregnancy. Pregnant individuals should consult their healthcare provider for personalized advice and explore alternative treatment options when managing stomach pain or cramps during pregnancy.

This research provides valuable insights into the safety considerations surrounding Buscopan use during pregnancy, highlighting the importance of informed decision-making and personalized healthcare interventions for expectant mothers.



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