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Is Jealousy Healthy in a Relationship? Here's What an Expert Says - AskMen
The key to a stable relationship is based on love, respect, mutual trust, and willingness to communicate. So if you’re feeling jealous, does that worry you? Unnecessary. After all, jealousy is a natural human emotion that, when handled properly, signals a deep attachment to your partner. On the other hand, you don’t want your anxiety to spiral out of control, creating feelings of fear, insecurity, and resentment. Whether jealousy comes from you, your partner, or both, it’s important to find strategies to prevent it from destroying your relationship.

1. Talk frankly about your jealousy

If feelings of jealousy start to arise, you may want to sit down with your partner and talk. However, jealousy is an internal struggle, so it is essential that you introspect first. Then let your partner know what you discovered. Be open and honest about your feelings and discuss things that make you uncomfortable. But ultimately, the fate of your relationship depends on how you handle your jealousy.


2. Realize that jealousy and insecurity go hand in hand

10 Effective Strategies When You Experience Jealousy In Your Relationship
Jealousy is often a reaction to feeling threatened by something or someone. While it’s something we all experience to some degree when we let jealousy consume us, it can create havoc. So the next time you feel jealous, take a moment to ask yourself what you’re afraid of and whether your reaction is reasonable. Face your jealousy head-on.


3. Manage your emotions

There’s no need to deny your feelings of jealousy. Of course, recognize that this is uncomfortable and then seek support from others, especially your partner, instead of criticizing and blaming them for how you feel. Also remember that you are responsible for managing your emotions; You can’t expect others to do it for you and you shouldn’t want them to do it either!


4. Jealousy can come from our past experiences

The way we treat people is necessarily shaped by our past experiences. Friends, family, and past romantic relationships have a big impact on the source of our pain and insecurity. But just because your ex-boyfriend cheated on you doesn’t mean you should assume the worst about your current partner. By telling them that you’ve been hurt in the past, they may be more sensitive and attentive to your needs, leading to less jealousy.

5. Address your insecurities

Jealousy Is a Killer: How to Break Free From Your Jealousy | Psychology Today
Before talking to your partner, identify the root cause of your behavior and commit to addressing your concerns. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, think about all your positive traits. Are you compassionate, trustworthy and a good communicator? Embracing these strengths and finding a partner who values ​​you for these traits will help you overcome feelings of jealousy.

6. Just because you’re jealous doesn’t mean he did anything wrong

If jealousy is present, don’t confuse it with some sixth sense that detects when a relationship is going sour. Don’t snoop on his phone to try to confirm an unfounded hunch that he’s texting a secret lover. When you allow yourself to be afraid of imaginary situations, you are only sabotaging a relationship with someone who has no intention of cheating on you.


7. Ask yourself what is missing in your relationship

When your feelings of jealousy involve a third person, take some time to think about the web of emotions you’re experiencing. Don’t act on assumptions or use negative past experiences as justification.



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