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Relationships take a lot of work and effort to be sustainable in the long run. One of the key aspects of a good relationship is having good boundaries. Maintaining your boundaries will ensure that your feelings and needs as well as those of your partner are taken into account. While some people may not traditionally consider keeping certain information to themselves a form of boundary, it can actually be helpful. Sharing things with your partner seems like a way to bring the two of you closer together. But there are some situations where it’s best not to tell your partner.  

Body functions

Everyone will eventually fart or defecate, or even burp once or twice. But when is it too early to start sharing these bodily functions with your partner? Some people might say there’s never a good time to start farting or pooping openly in front of your partner. The secrets your friends tell you

So, when you feel really comfortable around your partner, you’ll probably start wanting to talk to them as if they were your best friend. This means you can even start sharing secrets and chatting with them just like you would with your girlfriend. But one thing you should never do is betray your friends’ trust. This means not telling your partner the secrets your girlfriend confides in you.

Each other’s toothbrushes

You can lock lips with your partner every day, several times a day. So you share saliva when kissing and you can even share drinks from the same glass. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to start sharing toothbrushes. There’s always something a little gross about cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush that has someone else’s mouth germs on it.

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Password via phone or email

Many people consider providing a password as a step toward learning to trust each other in a relationship. Additionally, the impression may be that not sharing passwords means there is something to hide. But this is not necessarily true. Keeping your devices and email accounts private gives you some autonomy and gives your partner another boost of trust without the need for constant monitoring.

How much you dislike their parents

It is quite normal to have conflicts with your husband’s parents. If you truly get along with your loved one’s parents then you are a rare person. Most couples tend to be reserved about each other’s parents. If you fall into this category, you probably have a thousand reasons to give your partner about not liking their parents. But you probably shouldn’t list them all, it will demoralize your partner.

All your insecurities

We all have insecurities and reasons why we don’t feel confident in ourselves. It could be physical insecurities, things that make you feel weird about your personality, or any other oddity under the sun. It may be beneficial to tell your partner about this as it can affect the relationship. But that doesn’t mean you should constantly burden them with all of your insecurities.

Everything from your past

Our past is the clue to our present. This can help others better understand us and why we operate the way we do. This can even extend into certain territories that may require you to talk about your ex and past relationships.



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