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If you’re single and go on a lot of dates, you know that some dates turn out great and others are complete flops. While no one wants to waste a few hours with someone who’s acting weird or obnoxious, at least it makes for a few interesting stories to share with your friends. At the same time, there’s nothing more painful than thinking you’ve made a connection and realizing that he’s not interested in a second date. But anyway, don’t be discouraged. Keep looking and you will eventually find the right person. 1. Regularly text your friend before meeting

Hey, we understand that they really want to get to know you, but if they tell you their life story and ask about yours in the days leading up to the date, that completely defeats the purpose. destination for the first meeting. location. After all, what else is there to say? Plus, it makes it seem like he might be a clingy asshole with no friends.

2. Play with their phone

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Dating allows the couple to get to know each other better and not get distracted. So when they use their phone to check their Twitter feed or reply to their Facebook friends, it can be really infuriating. Responding to a legitimate emergency is one thing, but if they’re just checking to see if anyone liked their most recent post, that’s completely wrong. They had all morning to do this and since there was no chance this meeting would lead to anything, all evening as well.

3. Ask inappropriate questions

What do you do? What did you study in university? What do you like to do on the weekend? Do you have a favorite movie? These are all great “getting to know you” questions. How long was your last relationship? What is your favorite location? Have you ever had a one night stand? These are probably not things you’d be willing to share on a fifth date, let alone a first! If this is the type of conversation they want to have with a complete stranger then it is completely reasonable to get up and leave the premises.

4. Do not say anything

Some people don’t like to talk very much. They give lots of short answers, or just shrug and nod when appropriate. They can be shy and introverted. But it’s not your responsibility to completely lead the conversation for an hour while they act like a brick wall. You are entitled to their interaction, attention, and effort. After all, the purpose of a date is to determine whether two people are compatible or not. Don’t feel obligated to review them; The second meeting will not yield more information.

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5. Try your best to impress or be liked

They bombard you with meaningless stories; they brag about their sweet 2009 Honda Accord; they smile a lot because they want you to see that they are having a good time. They might be legitimately nice guys (or at least harmless), but it seems like they care less about actual chemistry and hoping they can win you over with the power of their their lame jokes.

6. Agree to a second date, but clearly don’t mean it

When you meet a really good date and they ask you if you want to do this again someday, of course you’ll accept. And if you don’t feel the same way, we think it’ll be easy to let them down without lying. You wouldn’t want to give them hope, would you? With that in mind, there’s nothing worse than when you think you’ve had a good time, ask them out on a second date, they say yes, but there’s something about their awkward body language. makes you believe that their response is not sincere. Let them go and move on.

7. Last minute cancellation

Just as you value your time, you respect that others value theirs as well. So when your date texts you saying they have to cancel, it’s really upsetting. Could this be an emergency situation? Sure, although you’d think they’d at least tell you why or at least suggest a new date for the date. If they don’t reschedule, it’s more likely that they simply made other plans or just don’t want to go on a date. Obviously, spending an hour or two of your life drinking coffee or having a meal with friends is a huge sacrifice.

8. Not introducing yourself at all

Okay, technically this is a case of the date not happening at all. Unfortunately, many people have experienced frustration when it comes to standing up. Everything indicates that it is still underway, you get dressed, but when you wait at the agreed location, he never comes and completely freaks you out. It’s actually worse than the dreaded cancel text, because at least the guy politely warned you that the date wasn’t going to happen.



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