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Idan offer

Israel Corp.’s controlling shareholder

Idan Offer, the heir to Sammy Offer’s business empire and one of Israel’s richest men, seems to need a lot of love. It’s all about why he’s been married four times, why he’s bought so many stakes in two European football teams, Atlético Madrid and the Portuguese second-division club, and why last summer, the 700 You might explain why you hosted a large wedding party.

Additionally, his family has donated to the construction of the Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa, the London Business School where Idan Ofer studied, and the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion at the Tel Aviv Museum. Another motive may be at work.
This would damage Mr. Ofer’s reputation, especially given the environmental pollution of the company he owns. Ofer spends more than half of his time in London, but he’s still the head of his big business empire’s factories in Israel. He owns five of Israel’s top 10 most polluting factories, including petroleum refinery Carmel Olefins and Dead Sea Magnesium, according to a 2018 Ministry of Environmental Protection report. According to some studies, the Haifa Bay area is particularly polluted when considering the health effects.

The offer also controls shipping companies such as Israel’s Zim and Singapore’s Oil Shipping Company. Along with the airline industry, shipping is believed to account for 3% of our carbon footprint. As if that wasn’t enough, Ofer continues to show his indifference to the climate crisis. The guests traveled to the wedding celebrations in Mykonos, Greece, in private jets with 6 to 12 people each.

Until recently, Israelis displayed an alarming indifference to pollution and global warming, which big business used to save money on cutting emissions and cleaning up polluted land. The Ministry of Environmental Protection, which is usually friendly to conglomerates and big business, is indifferent to this pollution. Israelis have become more aware in recent years, recognizing that environmental risks are not inherent in production and can be contained.

Idan Ofer is worth an estimated $4.5 billion and his brother Eyal Ofer is worth an estimated $10.7 billion. What if they spent about 20% of their total assets, or $3 billion, to move factories out of metropolitan areas, curb pollution, and even close some factories?

While it is true that most of Eyal Ofer’s business is not in Israel, he inherited most of his fortune from his father Sammy, who bought the Israel Corporation in 1999. $3 billion to limit environmental damage would greatly improve the lives of more than one million Israelis.



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