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Jesus’ Tour to the Americas?
In 1960 Jesus Christ had visited the Americas before His ascension . It’s indeed incredible. Most people believe that this is a deception. The missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day saints  have got the Answer.
The missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came to my home one day and said they had an important message for my family. On a spur of a moment, my previous inquiries lingered on my mind and I asked them, “Do you know if Jesus Christ came to the Americas?”

the missionaries told me, “We bear witness of that.”

At that moment I felt a great excitement in my mind and heart, and I asked, “How do you know that?”

They took a book out of their small bag and said, “We know Christ came to Americas because of this book, the Book of Mormon.” Elder Mutasa from Zimbabwe and Elder doubt confessed to me vividly.

What the missionaries taught me during that first discussion troubled me, and I doubted the account of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s vision of the Father and the Son. However, the Book of Mormon intrigued me, and the missionaries kept teaching me the lessons.

One afternoon, the elders asked me, “Have you prayed to find out if what we are teaching you is true?”
I told them I had done so but had not obtained an answer. They asked me to continue praying about it. They later introduced me to the pamphlet on the Restoration of the true Gospel and later the plan of salvation.

“You must pray unceasingly,” they they told me.

They gave me the book of the Book of Mormon to read about it. I read about how Jesus Christ’s appeared to the Nephites, I also came came to read about Joseph Smith’s vision. I now believe that indeed our savior Jesus Christ visited the America’s continent.

My mind is now clear, and my heart filled with peace and true assurance. From that moment on, I have had no doubts indeed that Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God and the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus Christ.


I know vividly that Christ came to the Americas after before His ascension. I’m absolutely grateful for the savior Jesus Christ and i have a great desire to know His Gospel. I know this is True.



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