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Leonardo DiCaprio; Background, Birth, Career.

Hollywood blockbuster


He is a famous actor ranked number four on the list of the ten most famous actors globally. He began by acting out very small roles,eventually he quickly achieved the position of an outstanding character in Hollywood blockbusters. DiCaprio is the most adaptable actor and continuously appears in the perenial list of the top most paid actors globally. He is famous in playing edgy and unique characters.


He was born on 11November, 1974.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s film, ‘The Titanic’ became one of the most loved and expensive film ever. He is a popularly known actor in Hollywood.


He worked in more than thirty six films, nine television shows, he has produced twenty five films and sixty shows.  Leonardo has also worked in a number of blockbusters films like Romeo and Juliet, The Departed, Blood diamond among many others.



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