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10 Fascinating Facts About Her.

One name in particular stands out in the diverse world of Colombian music: Marbelle. Marbelle, a national treasure and one of Colombia’s most renowned pop singers, is renowned for her deep voice and exciting performances. She is also a woman of courage and resiliency, with a story that is as captivating as her songs, hidden behind the glossy stage persona. Let’s look at 10 facts about this renowned musician that you probably didn’t know.

1. Simple Starts

Marbelle, as we know her, was born Mauren  Belky  Ramrez Cardona, and she comes from a lowly family. She was raised in the little Colombian town of Chigorodó, which is not exactly a location where babies are given silver spoons. She rose from modest beginnings to superstardom thanks to her talent and tenacity, serving as an example for many aspiring young musicians.


2. A Talented Musician

The pop sensation began playing music when she was quite young. When Marbelle was only a young child, she started singing, and by the time she was 8, she was already popular in the music business. She became the well-known artist she is now as a result of her early start.

The Amor Sincero Innovation 3.

With the release of her album, Amor Sincero, Marbelle’s career made a big turn. Her position on the Colombian music charts was cemented when the album’s lead single, “Title Track,” became a huge hit. The fact that the song is still among Marbelle’s most well-known compositions shows how ageless her musical ability is.

4. A TV personality

Marbelle is not just a fantastic singer; she is also a gifted actress. She has acted as the mother in her own biographical series, Amor Sincero, as well as a number of Colombian television shows, such as Marido a Sueldo. She received appreciation for her performance in these series, which also demonstrated her artistic flexibility. She also served as one of the La Voz Colombia judges.

5. Individual Losses

Marbelle has experienced a number of personal losses that have influenced who she is as a person and as an artist. Her early loss of her mother in particular served as the impetus for the aforementioned biographical series. Despite her heartbreak, Marbelle turned her sorrow into music, which in turn helped others. gives it such an authentic feel.

6. Weight-Loss Experience

She has been candid about her battles with weight and her quest for a healthy way of life. She underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2018, and she has been open about it, motivating many of her admirers who are going through similar problems. Marbelle has demonstrated her strength and resolve by making a significant effort to enhance her health, demonstrating that she is just as stunning on the inside as she is on the appearance.

Seven. Tattoos and Their Meaning

If you are familiar with Marbelle, you are aware of her passion for body art. Each of her tattoos has a specific meaning for her and is frequently connected to significant events or persons in her life. Each of them serves as a witness to her life’s journey.

8. Being a mom

Marbelle is pleased to be a mother of two. Sebastian and Angie, her children, are undoubtedly the joy of her life, and she frequently posts pictures of them together on social media. She’s become a better person as a result of becoming a mother, and it’s obvious that her kids are her main sources of inspiration.

9. Philanthropy

In addition to her achievements in music and acting, Marbelle is renowned for her charitable work. She has participated in a number of charitable endeavors and uses her platform to promote social causes. Her dedication to changing the world adds another dimension to her image and shows that she is not only an artist but also a kind person.

10. A Courageous Spirit

Marbelle has shown resilience throughout her life and work. She has survived personal setbacks, scrutiny from the public, and obstacles in her career, growing stronger with each obstacle. Her tenacity is very admirable, and it serves as a reminder that despite the difficulties we encounter, we can always muster the courage to endure.



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