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The Son of George H.W. Bush the former American president.

Neil Bush wearing a black suit and tie, standing at a podium and speaking into two microphones, in front of a red backdrop.
Neil Bush speaking at the George H.W. Bush Points Of Light Awards Gala at Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum on  26th September, 2019.

George W. Bush had a well-documented “party animal” period before he became the of the United states. This included crazy parties, possible drug use, and allegations of skipping out on his National Guard service. But George’s brother, Neil Bush—the fourth son of President George H.W. Bush—had an even more serious scandal.

He was accused of breaching conflict of interest regulations by serving on the board of directors for the Denver-based Silverado Banking Savings and Loan Association, which engaged in questionable lending practices and went bankrupt in 1988, leaving U.S. taxpayers responsible for $1.3 billion in debts. A civil action was brought against Bush and other Silverado directors, which was settled out of court for $49.5 million.



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