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Theo Loizou MasterChef Australia  Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Instagram

Theo Loizou

Theo Loizou Biography – Theo Loizou Wiki

Theo Loizou is an electrician from Victoria. He is a contestant in series 15 of MasterChef Australia alongside Cath Collins, Rhiannon  Anderson,  Declan Cleary and Brent Draper.

With a deep affinity for the food and culture of his ancestry, as a young boy, Theo recalls his dad bringing home his yiayia’s freshly baked bread, still warm from the oven – the best thing ever. Theo learnt from both his parents and grandparents in the kitchen over the years, before beginning to experiment himself.



Theo is a confident cook who trusts his instinct and prefers to cook by feel rather than strictly following a recipe. Anthony Bourdain, Ben Shewry, Rick Stein, and Massimo Bottura are some of the chefs Theo looks up to in the kitchen. Theo believes that the meal is better the less straightforward it is.

Theo describes his relationship with food as intense and enjoys pushing himself in the kitchen. He will flaunt his breadmaking prowess and draw on his Greek heritage whenever feasible. Theo intends to keep his head down and work diligently toward his goals, demonstrating to the judges his readiness to learn. He is aware that hard work counts for a lot.



Theo loves to joke around and laugh outside of the kitchen. He also enjoys traveling and staying in shape by going to the gym and boxing.

Theo aspires to create an artisanal bakery that specializes in sustainable bread and uses only the best ingredients. His goal to work in the food industry beyond the competition is already fully formed. He is here to bring it about.



Theo Loizou Age

He is 37 years old as of 2023. He’s a Victoria boy.

Theo Loizou Wife

He is in a relationship with his partner, Laure. The pair met in France and started dating. They later relocated and now reside in Melbourne.

Theo Loizou Parents

Theo’s parents came to Australia with nothing – his mum from Greece and dad from Cyprus – they worked hard to give Theo and his sister a great life. Theo learnt from both his parents and grandparents in the kitchen over the years, before beginning to experiment himself.


He has Australian citizenship.




His Instagram handle is @theegram.



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