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Vin Diesel; Background, Birth, Height, Family.

American actor.


Is a renown American actor. Vin is the Fast & Furious franchise’s main actor and without the benefit of doubt, he is among the highest-grossing actors in the world wide in many cases. He has received numerous honors for his excellent acting. He has worked in numerous blockbuster films. Diesel began his career in 1990. He established a production company called One Race Films.


He was born on 18th July,1967.


His height is 1.82 m and approximately weighs 102kg.


He has three children namely: Pauline, Vincent Sinclair and Hania Riley Sinclair. His parents are Delora Sherleen, Irving Vincent and Delora Vincent. Vin’s relatives are Paul Vincent (sibling) and Samantha Vincent (sibling).




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